Flashpoint E2: James Orsini, Vayner X’s Secret Sauce

In Flashpoint Episode 2 I get a "redo" with then COO of VaynerMedia and now President of the newly formed Sasha Group - Vayner X's newest consulting arm.

James has a very “cool as a cucumber” attitude most likely because he is deadly efficient. His talents and skill sets have allowed him to fill 3 separate C-Level roles with success, great success, in each.

Has anyone out there in their 20s ever been fought over by your old boss and your new boss? If you had one word to write on your new office window what would it be? How late do you stay at work on a Friday? How do you wrangle someone like Gary Vaynerchuk? Listen to see how the answer to these questions came up in our conversation at Sasha North HQ on Broadway.