Flashpoint: The temperature at which fuel will combust given an ignition source.

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Is individuality your superpower? Have you ever considered a drastic career change to simply do what you want? Do you constantly wonder what the rest of your career or life looks like? Are you afraid to confide in others about your ideas ?

These are common thoughts that take place within all of us and often times are accompanied by guilt. What if you knew that your individuality could actually help you excel in business?

Join us on June 6, 2019 at WeWork Universal North to hear 5 unique stories about how resiliency and self discovery can trigger changes in how you approach your immediate future. This is not a workshop, nor is it a masterclass. Rather it is a collection of five unique stories and life experiences that led to personal and professional clarity; and ultimately happiness. You will hear about how these individuals endured, overcame, and learned from their adversities and then used those lessons to thrust themselves forward. This is a no frills, unfiltered recap of how their truths allowed them to arrive to where they belong and prompted them to come together to share their messages with others.

Your moderator is:

Jessica Du Bois of Benefits Business Group (BBG). Jessica’s passion for people is second to none and shows through her engagement and involvement in the Washington DC metro area.

Her desire to “break the status quo” involves working with companies and helping them find and RETAIN the best talent, while reducing the complexity of the healthcare system.