My 5th start up and I didn't even want to be an Entrepreneur

In Flashpoint Episode 4 (Part 1) Dennis Mortensen, the CEO and founder of, discusses artificial intelligence software that allows a 100% virtual assistant to schedule meetings for you. While that's interesting enough, Dennis' story is even better. In Part 1 of our interview you will learn about why Dennis wanted nothing to do with entrepreneurship and how he figured just "falling in line" was more tangible. As you can imagine the entrepreneurial DNA is inescapable and he began a run of multiple startups realizing that well 99% or startups FAIL. Did that / does that scare him? Watch to find out!


Flashpoint E3: Christina Nicholson, From Reporter to Media Maven

In the beginning of November, as I was still figuring out Youtube, Instagram, and Podcasting, Christina agreed to be a guest of mine. This is back before I realized in person interviews was the only way to go. Lucky for me she was on FIRE! I love this podcast because Christina aka Christina All Day was a young reporter who had the rude awakening that doing what she loved didn’t necessarily mean that she was going to make lots of money.

The hustle and grind of reporting ultimately would lay the foundation for her starting her own business in an effort to solve one simple problem: She wasn’t operating on her own terms. Family time, fun, and efficiency were all buried under trying to balance her unpredictable work schedule along with her husband’s.

Media Maven, Christina’s agency, is thriving and those problems are an afterthought because she turned her expertise of the industry into a way to help others. The byproduct? A greater sense of freedom, building a great team, happy clients, and still getting to do some reporting!

What you’ll hear:

-Why the TV reporting doesn’t pay so well

-What life was like in the Bronx

-Why she reports

-The importance of a coach

-The early challenges of entrepreneurship

-Work vs Family - does anybody win?

-Social Media and Personal branding tips





Flashpoint E1: Dorie Clark

In November 2018, I was invited to a fireside chat at Deloitte University to talk to a group of transitioning service members. This is part of Deloitte's incredible commitment to veterans that assists in preparing them for "the outside” through an intensive series of classes, exercises, and speakers.

When I went attended the program as a participant in 2015, I vividly remember Dorie Clark addressing our class with tips on establishing our personal brands. It was no accident that Deloitte saw how incredibly valuable Dorie and her book "Reinventing You" could be to a contingent like ours. She was offered a contract through 2020 and has taught over 20 CORE Classes to date.

In the 3 years that passed, Dorie wrote two more books (Standing Out and Entrepreneurial You) and continued to explore her passions in the same manner she advises her audiences to. After watching Dorie speak so charismatically again this time around I knew I had to ask her for an interview. Lucky for me, she happily agreed. We discuss success, failure, patience, and ...networking in this episode. Dorie is a master strategist and simply a great person.

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