Trains over Planes: Learning about Patience


The Adventure of Traveling

Over the last couple of months I’ve been doing a good amount of traveling-Italy, Spain, London, Los Angeles, and New York. I love the adventures being away affords you. You learn more about and embrace other cultures. You allow your eyes to be filled with new and unique sights. You will eat something so good that you’ll inevitably fantasize about it the next time you find yourself bored with your regular options.

 But getting to our destinations involves a sometimes lengthy search, a healthy amount of logistical planning, and hours in your chosen mode of transportation. During the course of my latest travels, I can happily say that I prefer trains over planes. 

Simple Advantages  

There are train stations in many towns and obviously almost all large cities. If there’s a chance you miss your train, there’s no penalty to change your departure time. Trains are less prone to be significantly delayed due to inclement weather. There’s no security lines. You don’t have to worry about the endless amount of “(fill in the blank) club members” that get to board before you. Space...lots of space. WiFi is complimentary and available throughout the trip in most cases. Power outlets galore. Bathrooms are three times the size of airplane bathrooms. You have a scenic ground level view of all the places you aren’t stopping which make spark some new curiosities. Lastly, it’s simply smoother. 




It takes 6 hours each way and about $200-$250 for a round trip from Richmond to New York Penn Station. For about 3 hours less toys travel and $0- $200 more you can fly. See, time is everyone’s biggest asset. The convenience of speeding up how long it takes to get where we’re going is something we all pay for. However, riding the train has allowed me to brainstorm more creatively and for longer. I have a newfound fondness for the journey. Most of all traveling via train has helped me tap into a patience that had been submerged for far too many years. 

Slow is fast and fast is smooth.” You may have heard that before. I’ve heard it, said it, and applied it. I think it’s a fantastic way to think. I believe you can almost never screw anything up by taking your time to do it right. I’ve rushed many times over my lifetime and sadly when it came to some  incredibly significant decisions. It never resulted favorably.

The slower and  more methodical the approach the sooner you will become smooth and “faster.” More importantly, the amount of stress will likely be cut in half and in turn make for a pleasant memory; not a forgettable one.

Madrid, España

Madrid, España

It’s been 3 months 

I took a leap of faith on myself 3 months ago.  When you take a big risk you probably think a lot of people will be talking about you. You imagine these scenarios where friends and family are sitting around bashing your logic. You imagine your former coworkers and bosses taking time out of their busy day to engage in conversation about you. The truth is that’s all pretty narcissistic and a story we just tell ourselves. In reality, you’re in it alone. Nobody cares. And I don’t mean that with any degree of ambivalence. Time is everyone’s biggest asset remember? Everyone has their own shit to worry about. So don’t worry about if people are worrying about you. I think I should trademark that. 

Along with patience comes strength and confidence. You don’t feel compelled to rush. You aren’t jockeying for position. You aren’t trying to validate your worth to people who may not value you. You realize more and more that you and whatever real world and professional experience you have can benefit someone. “Humans beings are meant to BE” my lovely wife said during one of our first dates. She’s exactly right. The more I just focusing on living in my terms, the more great serendipitous things keep happening.

So, in the last 3 months, since I’ve slowed down I’ve:

-Started a podcast. I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs of all industries (knitting, civil engineering, cannibis accessories, television producer, etc) They’ve all been a blast.

-Started a YouTube channel that began as a vlog and now redirecting it towards content about leadership and development. 

-Found more mentors! (Thank you Matt LeBusque, Mike Vacanti Sr, and Jill Katz!)
(Left to Right: Mike, Claude, Jill, Mark at the first ever Humans First Club event in NYC)  

(Left to Right: Mike, Claude, Jill, Mark at the first ever Humans First Club event in NYC) 

Have spent a ton of time with my precious baby girl!

Alessandra    You get it. I’m happy. I’m happy to take the long way and look around a bit more. Little by little and brick by brick everything is coming to life. 


You get it. I’m happy. I’m happy to take the long way and look around a bit more. Little by little and brick by brick everything is coming to life. 

Until next time,